Founded in 2005, the Alpha Foundation began as a funding initiative designed to assist humanitarian efforts on the Asian continent. It was soon obvious that we were just touching the tip of the iceberg of human suffering, and the desire to do more quickly took root. In September of 2007, the concept of TheGive5 was placed on the table, and the potential of such a bold project was startling. It was quickly decided: we begin TheGive5.

Over the course of the next 12 months, TheGive5 team researched hundreds of humanitarian relief organizations to find those that were working to combat human suffering – and were poised to do more if they could secure the funding.

We began by choosing ten of the hardest-working organizations involved in humanitarian relief. These ten organizations have the infrastructure and the capabilities to get the job done. No doubt, there are hundreds more – and we encourage everyone to continue to support the charities you are currently involved with – but today, we start here!